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Brand Image
Greenhermit, as a new innovative product with the "Green Hermit" as its brand image, is devoted to developing the lightweight outdoor traelling equipment.

With the succinct design, bold color style and the combination of the function and fashion, our products remove the unnecessary decoration and strengthen the practical applicability and the expression of the uncomplicated elegance.

Greenhermit is specialized in design and produce the lightweight outdoor traelling equipment such as waterproof dry sack, lightweight packable backpacks, running gears and other travelling equipment, we have our own factory and R&D team whom professional in outdoor fields with strong development abiliy, always focus on high quality products with lightweight, compact and easy to use in any weather conditions.
Product Concept
Started from 2012,we've been manufacturing the waterproof dry sack & lightweight packable backpack for overseas brands and the products were widely export to Asia, Europe ,American and other market. With nearly 9 years producing experience and the passion for develop better outdoor gear, we presented full production line of outdoor traelling range, we have also expand our production to hydation pack for running, cycling and off-road motorcycles.

Innovation is the engine that has guided us through this adventure of creating something new.
Sophia: sophia@green-hermit.com
Paulee: Paulee@green-hermit.com
3-2905, Zicheng International Innovation Center, No.39 Jincheng Road, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City, 311200, Zhejiang, China.
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